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University of Liverpool Research Archive Deposit Guide


University of Liverpool - Staff and Research Postgraduate Users

This category of user can login using their Managed Windows Service username and password. This will enable them to deposit content, use the email alert service and manage their profile.

University of Liverpool — Other Users

Members of the University of Liverpool community who are not members of staff or research postgraduates should register in order to use the email alert service. After registration users will login using their username and password. Register here

Non — University of Liverpool Users

This category of user must register in order to use the email alert service. After registration non-U of L users will login using their username and password.


Users are able to log out using the log-out button on the top navigation bar.


University of Liverpool - Staff and Research Postgraduate Users

This group is automatically registered to deposit content and set-up email alerts. To use the University of Liverpool Research Archive please login.

University of Liverpool — Other Users

Please register in order to establish email alerts. Register here

Non — University of Liverpool Users

Please register in order to establish email alerts. Register here


Quick Search — Searches full-text, title, abstract, creators and date field

Limiting the Search — Opportunity to limit the search even in quick search by ticking full-text only or/peer-reviewed only

Simple Search — Same search fields provided in a form. The user can search any combination of the fields on the form.

Advanced Search — provides user with the complete set of fields. Users can search using any combination of fields.

Saved Search

Users are able to save a search they have conducted.

What's New

At a glance users can find out the latest scholarly publications deposited in the University of Liverpool Research Archive.

Recent Deposits — Displays a maximum of the last five deposits

Recent deposits: By Author and By Division — Allows the user to search on a specific author or division and display a maximum of the last 20 deposits.


Instead of visiting the site users are able to keep abreast of new content deposited in the archive

Email alerts

Email alerts are linked to Saved Searches

Liverpool users will be able to set up saved searches automatically and create an alert. Non-Liverpool users need to register

Setting up an Email alert

To create a new saved search:

  1. Log in to repository
  2. Carry out search
  3. At top of the search results page, you will see three links - Refine Search, New Search, Save Search - click Save Search
  4. You can now edit the Saved Search
  5. Give the search a more meaningful name if desired
  6. Create an email alert for the search - you can specify whether any new items matching the search criteria should be emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly. You can also specify whether you want empty results emailed to you or not (i.e. if there are no new matches since the last email) - this may act as a reminder of the service, or the fact that there are no new matches may actually be of interest!
  7. Click the Save button to save changes to the Saved Search
  8. This takes you to your Saved Searches screen, which lists all your saved searches. You can re-run a previously saved search, edit a saved search settings (see 5-7), or remove the saved search from your list.

RSS Feeds

The IR can generate RSS feeds for any search result. RSS feeds for the entire repository are also provided (linked from front page).

To create a new RSS feed from a search:

  1. Carry out search
  2. Links to RSS feeds for search shown at top of search results page

To add feed to Reader:

  1. Find desired RSS feed via search or frontpage
  2. Copy link
  3. Paste in your reader using the process required by your RSS Reader.
  4. Feed now available in your RSS Reader

Depositing Content

Starting the Deposit Process

  1. Login either by clicking on the deposit an item link or through the login link. The user will be taken to the Manage Deposits page.
  2. The Manage Deposits page allows depositors to deposit content and to monitor, edit, request changes and access their deposits.
  3. From the Manage Deposits page users are able to deposit content in two ways - Self-archive or via the Assisted Self Archive process. Please consult the Submission Policy for guidance on depositing content using the Mediated deposit or Bulk Deposit processes. Manage Deposit Page
  4. Choose the deposit process to be used by selecting either Self-Archive or Assisted Self-Archive. Click Self-Archive if you are going to complete the full submission form or Assisted Self-Archive if using the shorter submission form. Users can switch from the self-archive process to the assisted self-archive at any time during the deposit process.
  5. To switch from self-archiving the user saves the work, clicks on the Action tab and selects Assisted Self-Archive. The submission form will change to the shorter one provided for Assisted Self-Archive. When you review your Manage Deposits page the heading Deposit type will show you which option you selected when depositing a specific paper.
  6. Depositors do not have to complete their submission forms immediately. Please click the save for later button in order to save your work so that you can return to it at a later date. Your unfinished deposit will be accessible from the Manage Deposits page and will remain in your user work area until you deposit it.

Guidance on completing the Submission Form

The submission form has been created to allow users to easily and quickly complete the form. Clarification on the content to be included in each field of the submission form is available through the scope notes.

Please note that the submission form does not have to be completed in order of appearance however, users will be unable to complete their deposit if they do not complete the mandatory sections of the form. Areas of the form which must be completed are marked by a red star.

What happens after I deposit my work?

When a user deposits an item to the University of Liverpool Research Archive it will not appear in the repository immediately. The item will be referred to editorial review to go through a quality assurance process and after this is completed a repository administrator will transfer it to the live repository.


Statistics will be maintained for the top 50 authors and top 50 items. The request for top 50 authors will display the 50 authors whose papers have been downloaded the most whereas top 50 items will display the 50 items which have been downloaded the most. This service is not currently activated


Users can receive help through the depositors helpline service and the irhelp service.


Full text only
Peer reviewed only

Cross Archive Search
Top 50 authors
Top 50 items
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