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Scholarly Communication

University of Liverpool Research Archive Policies: Research Outputs

Submission Policy

  1. Who should submit content during the IR pilot phase?

    All members of staff at the University of Liverpool in departments participating in the Institutional Repository (IR) Pilot Project or staff from other departments who have established an agreement to place content on the IR during the pilot phase are invited to submit research outputs to the repository.

  2. When to submit content?

    Depositors should seek to submit content as soon as possible after their work is published. Where a work is subject to an embargo period before it can be released for open access, the IR editorial team will restrict access to this work, through our software, until the embargo period has ended.

  3. Content Submission Options

    Depositors may submit content in four different ways:

    Self-archive deposit

    Depositors complete the short submission process and load their full-text document into the repository.

    Assisted self-archive deposit

    This service is available to all staff. However, we would urge depositors to try the self-archive deposit process since it is very quick and not all fields are mandatory.

    The assisted self-archive deposit process allows depositors with limited time to complete a reduced number of fields in order to submit their work to the repository. Depositor Helpline staff will complete the submission process on behalf of the researcher.

    Mediated Deposit

    The mediated deposit service must be negotiated with the Institutional Repository Librarian. Depositor Helpline staff or an agreed third party will be responsible for completing the entire submission form. This service is aimed at helping depositors who have extremely limited time to deposit their research output in to the repository. It is also a service that can be provided when bulk submissions need to be made to the repository. This often occurs when persons need to deposit work retrospectively. Please see the guidance on bulk deposits below. Persons interested in obtaining more information about this service should email

    Depositors opting to take advantage of this service will be required to sign our standard deposit agreement in order to give permission for IR staff or their agents or an authorised individual in the depositors department, Faculty, division or some other related unit to complete the deposit process on their behalf.

    Bulk Deposit

    The Bulk deposit service provides for the submission of large amounts of usually retrospective content. In some cases this may involve importing bibliographic data from EndNote libraries and other compatible formats whereas in others, it may involve the acquisition and deposit of large amounts of retrospective content. This could include research outputs like post prints, working papers and conference papers. As indicated above the mediated deposit process would be used to submit this content. Interested parties are advised to send an email requesting this service to

  4. Amendments to Deposited Content

    All content submitted to the IR will be quality assured prior to making it open access. In apition, every attempt will be made to preserve the content. This may involve members of the IR team making various amendments. Errors and omissions may need to be apressed in the metadata provided via the submission form or to the format of the full text document (i.e. changing a MS Word document to portable document format (pdf). In the case of assisted self-archive deposits, mediated and bulk deposits the IR team or other third parties, (e.g. a departmental administrator) will need to complete the submission of the work to the repository. Therefore, by depositing content in the IR all depositors agree that changes can be made to their deposits in order to facilitate quality assurance and preservation.

  5. Help with the Submission Process: Contact the Depositors Helpline

    Depositors may initially find that they are unsure how to complete the submission form or have other concerns relating to depositing their content. If they need any training or clarification they are encouraged to contact Alternatively, depositors may contact their subject librarian for guidance.

    All other queries regarding the institutional repository should be sent to

Collection Development Policy

The University of Liverpool Research Archive will discuss with each department research centre, research group etc. the collection management policy that they think appropriate to their particular discipline. The IR staff recognize that different disciplines regard different research outputs (e.g. working papers, conference papers), as valuable to the scholarly communication process and therefore we expect the repository to reflect this diversity.

It should be noted however, that as a minimum the IR will include, subject to the copyright policy of publishers, the peer-reviewed, post-print (i.e. final draft post-refereeing) of all journal articles.

Intellectual Property

Deposit Licence - All depositors will be required to agree to a click through licence, or sign a written licence in order to give permission for their work to be held in the repository; to provide for the distribution of their work, and to allow ongoing preservation of both their work and/or the related metadata.

Notice and Take down policy – The IR will operate an immediate notice and take down policy. Therefore, if the IR administrators are notified of a potential breach of copyright, they will immediately remove the item from public access pending further investigation.


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