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Bakewell, David J.G. and Wit, Ernst (2007) A global statistical test for improved detection of gene activity. BMC Systems Biology, 1 (Suppl 1). Article Number: P10. ISSN 1752-0509

Behnke, Jerzy M.; Iraqi, Fuad A.; Mugambi, John M.; Clifford, Simon; Nagda, Sonal; Wakelin, Derek; Kemp, Stephen J.; Baker, R. Leyden and Gibson, John P. (2006) High resolution mapping of chromosomal regions controlling resistance to gastrointestinal nematode infections in an advanced intercross line of mice. Mammalian Genome, 17 (6). pp. 584-597. ISSN 1432-1777 (Online); 0938-8990 (Print)

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Watts, Phillip C.; Rousset, Francois; Saccheri, Ilik J.; Leblois, Raphael; Kemp, Stephen J. and Thompson, David J. (2007) Compatible genetic and ecological estimates of dispersal rates in insect (Coenagrion mercuriale: Odonata: Zygoptera) populations: analysis of ‘neighbourhood size’ using a more precise estimator. Molecular Ecology, 16 (4). pp. 737-751. ISSN 1365-294X (Online); 0962-1083 (Print)

Watts, Phillip C.; Saccheri, Ilik J.; Kemp, Stephen J. and Thompson, David J. (2007) Effective population sizes and migration rates in fragmented populations of an endangered insect (Coenagrion mercuriale: Odonata). Journal of Animal Ecology, 76 (4). pp. 790-800. ISSN 1365-2656 (Online); 0021-8790 (Print)

Conference or Workshop Item

Agaba, M.; Anderson, S.; Archibald, A.; Brass, A.; Gibson, J.; Hall, L; Hanotte, O.; Hulme, H; Kemp, S.; Mwakaya, J.; Noyes, H.A.; Ogugo, M. and Rennie, C (2008) Genomics approaches To trypanosomiasis resistance. In: Ark Genomics Conference, 07-09 April 2008, EICC (Edinburgh International Conference Centre). (Unpublished)

Agaba, M.; Kemp, S.J.; Wambugu, J.; Ogugo, M. and Nyamweya, N. (2008) Africa's cattle diversity why it matters. In: John Vercoe Conference, 08-09 November 2007, International Livestock Research Institute, Kenya. (Unpublished)

Agaba, Morris; Hulme, H.; Rennie, C.; Mwakaya, J.; Ogugo, M.; Brass, A.; Archibald, A.; Brass, A. and Kemp, S.J. Genome responses of trypanosome infected cattle. In: International Symposium on Animal Genomics for Animal Health., 23-25 October 2007, OIE HQ, World Organisation for Animal Health, 12 Rue de Prony, Paris France. (Unpublished)

Anderson, S.J.; Noyes, H.A.; Agaba, M.; Kemp, S.J. and Archibald, A.L. (2007) A transgenic approach to QTL analysis in a trypanotolerant mouse model. In: International Symposium on Animal Genomics for Animal Health, 23-25 October 2007, OIE HQ, World Organisation for Animal Health, 12 Rue de Prony, Paris France. (Unpublished)

Dark, Paul; Buchan, Ian; Warhurst, Geoff; New, John; Gibson, Martin; Baker, Pat; Rudenski, Aram; Kemp, Stephen and Brass, Andy (2007) Early and sustained acute falls in total serum cholesterol are associated with critical illness mortality in the setting of tight glycaemic control. In: 7th World Congress on Trauma, Shock, Inflammation and Sepsis - Interdisciplinary Summit on Inflammation -TSIS 2007, 13-17 March 2007, Munich, Germany. (Unpublished)

Goodhead, Ian; Noyes, H.A.; Bailey, Wendi; MacLeod, A.; Beament, T.; Dowling, J.; Chance, M.L.; Hall, Neil and Taylor, Mark (2008) Microsatellite genotyping of Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense strains from Uganda that differ in pathology form distinct clusters that correlate with phenotype. In: British Society for Parasitology Spring Meeting, Newcastle, 29.03.08 - 03.04.08, Newcastle Convention Centre. (Unpublished)

Hassan, M.; Kemp, S.J.; Agaba, M.; Noyes, H.A.; Naessens, J.; Iraqi, F.; Gibson, J.; Rennie, C.; Hulme, H.; Hinsley, T. and Brass, A. (2006) The role of cholesterol in the pathology of African animal trypanosomiasis. In: ISAG 2006, 30th International Conference on Animal Genetics, 19-26 August 2006, Porto Seguro, Brazil. (Unpublished)

Kemp, S.J. (2007) Functional genomics to explore host response to trypanosome infection in particular and stress in general. In: Animal Health Research: Recent Developments & Future Directions, 24th - 26th Jan 2007, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire UK. (Unpublished)

Kemp, Stephen (2006) Functional genomics to identify genes and networks influencing survival following Trypanosome challenge. In: Trypanotolerance research meeting, 18 December 2006, French National Institute for Animal Research (INRA), Paris.. (Unpublished)

Kemp, Stephen Genomics approaches to trypanosomiasis resistance - some surprises. In: International Symposium on Animal Genomics for Animal Health., 23-25 October 2007, OIE HQ, World Organisation for Animal Health, Paris France. (Unpublished)

Kemp, Stephen and Hanotte, Olivier (2007) Using livestock diversity to understand genome biology. In: Biological Sciences for the 21st Century: Meeting the Challenges of Sustainable Development In an Era of Global Change, 09-13 May 2007, National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC, USA. (Unpublished)

McFarlane, Ross and Biktasheva, IV (2008) Beatbox - a computer simulation environment for computational biology of the heart. In: BCS International Academic Conference 2008 – Visions of Computer Science, 22-24 September 2008, Imperial College, London.

Noyes, H.A.; Agaba, M.; Gibson, J.; Ogugo, M.; Iraqi, F.; Brass, A.; Anderson, S.; Zeef, L.; Hulme, H. and Kemp, S.J. Congenic mice for the identification of genes responding to infection with Trypanosoma congolense. In: 18th International Mouse Genome Conference, 13-15 November 2006, Charleston, S. Carolina, USA. (Unpublished)

Noyes, H.A.; Agaba, M.; Ogugo, M.; Brass, A.; Anderson, S.; Archibald, A.; Fisher, P.; Hulme, H.; Rennie, K. and Kemp, S.J. (2007) Congenic mice reveal effect of SNP, genomic rearrangements and expression variation on genome wide gene expression. In: Genomics of Common Diseases Conference, 7-10 July 2007, Wellcome Conference Centre, Hinxton, UK. (Unpublished)

Noyes, HA; Agaba, M; Ogugo, M; Brass, A; Anderson, S; Archibald, A; Hulme, H and Kemp, SJ (2008) Identifying candidate genes for the regulation of the response to Trypanosoma congolense infection. In: The British Society for Parasitology Spring Meeting, 29 Mar - 03 Apr 2008, Newcastle Convention Centre. (Unpublished)

Noyes, HA; Arana, FE; Rizzo, N; Kemp, SJ; Hutchinson, IV; Pravica, V; Daly, D and Arana, BA (2006) Genetic control of cutaneous leishmaniasis. In: International Congress of Parasitology XI, 6-11 August 2006, The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC), Glasgow Scotland.. (Unpublished)

Noyes, Harry Discovering the genes controlling response to Trypanosoma congolense infection. In: Presentation given to scientists at Institute of Experimental Genetics, GSF - National Research Center for Environment and Health, 24 October 2006, Institute of Experimental Genetics, GSF - National Research Center for Environment and Health, Germany. (Unpublished)

Noyes, Harry Identifying Pathways that intersect with Trypanosoma congolense response QTL. In: Euroscicon: Animal health in the post-genomics era, 24 November 2006, The MI Centre, London.. (Unpublished)

Noyes, Harry; Agaba, Morris; Anderson, Susan; Brass, Andy; Broadhead, Anthea; Fisher, Paul; Hulme, Helen; Kemp, Stephen; Rennie, Catriona; Withers, Jennifer; Zeef, Leo; Wardlesworth, Leanne; Gibson, John; Hanotte, Olivier; Musa, Hassan; Mwakaya, Joel; Mwangi, Daniel; Nganga, Joseph; Ogugo, Moses; Wambugu, John; Daly, Daly and Thomas, Luke (2007) Congenic mice infected with Trypanosoma congolense. In: Mouse Genetics Conference, 05-09 September 2007, Wellcome Trust Conference Centre, Hinxton Hall, Hinxton, UK. (Unpublished)

Noyes, Harry and Kemp, Stephen (0009) Simulating recombination over multiple generations. In: Mouse Molecular Genetics Conference, 5-9 September 2007, Wellcome Trust Conference Centre, Hinxton Hall, Hinxton, UK. (Unpublished)

Noyes, Harry; Rennie, Catriona; Hulme, Helen; Kemp, Stephen; Hoyle, DC and Brass, Andy (2009) Position specific effect of SNP on signal ratio from long oligonucleotide CGH microarrays; most single probe aberrations represent genuine genomic variants. In: Mouse Genetics Conference, 05-09 September 2007, Wellcome Trust Conference Centre, Hinxton Hall, Hinxton, UK. (Unpublished)

Rennie, C.; Hulme, H.; Fisher, P.; Hall, L.; Agaba, M.; Noyes, H.A.; Kemp, S.J. and Brass, A. (2007) A systematic, data-driven approach to the combined analysis of microarray and QTL data. In: International Symposium on Animal Genomics for Animal Health., OIE HQ, World Organisation for Animal Health, 12 Rue de Prony, Paris France. (Unpublished)

Wambua, L.; Agaba, M.; Valentini, A. and Kemp, S. (2007) Using mouse models to decipher endotoxic shock during Trypanosoma congolense infection in cattle. In: John Vercoe Conference, 08-09 November 2007, International Livestock Research Institute. (Unpublished)


Booth, Daniel (2011) An ultrastructural study of the role of clathrin as an inter-microtubule bridge in kinetochore fibres. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

Boyd, James (2012) A systems biology approach to explore the dynamics and interactions of the NF-κB signalling pathway. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

Burdyga, Alex (2013) Control of cAMP signalling in the cellular migration of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool, Institute of Translational Medicine.

Cesar, Christopher (2009) The roles of the cockle Cerastoderma edule L. on ecosystem functioning: cockle comings and goings. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

Costa, Nicola Daniele Eugenio (2010) A critical role for the Arabidopsis circadian clock at high temperature. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

Cummings, Rebecca (2012) Development and application of label free quantitative proteomic methods. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

Davies, Hannah (2013) Expression and characterisation of cardiovascular amyloid proteins. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

Edmonds, Matthew (2013) A systematic study of palmitoylation using the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

Fisher, Andrew (2012) Transcriptional profiling to identify therapeutic targets influencing skeletal muscle atrophy. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

Freitas, Alex Alves (2011) A data mining-based approach for investigating the relationship between DNA repair genes and ageing. Masters thesis, University of Liverpool.

Jones, Nicholas (2012) The development and application of real-time protein interaction technology. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

Kuzma-Kuzniarska, Maria (2011) Investigating the renogenic potential of mesenchymal stem cells. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

Lofthouse, Christopher (2013) Dissecting the role and regulation of MRL function in Drosophila. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

Martin, Laura E. (2011) Global patterns of genetic diversity and geographical distribution in the marine protist morphospecies Oxyrrhis marina. Masters thesis, University of Liverpool.

Mubaraki, Murad (2013) Pharmacometabolomic study of the human malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum: new insights into parasite biology and mode of drug action. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

Rak-Raszewska, Aleksandra (2010) Investigating the nephrogenic potential of mouse embryonic stem cells and their derivatives. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

Sakellariou, Yorgos (2013) Superoxide in skeletal muscle: sites that regulate intracellular changes during contractions and role in age related degeneration. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

Turner, Andrew (2010) Immunogenetics and polymorphism in a natural population of field voles (Microtus agrestis). Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

Widdowson, Philip (2010) Biochemical and biophysical characterisation of Anopheles gambiae NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

Williams, Chloe (2013) Culture conditions govern mouse embryonic stem cell behaviour: dependence on heparan sulfate and optimisation of synthetic polymer substrates. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

Wong, Jia (2012) Identification of deubiquitylases involved in the regulation of adherens junction components. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

Wood, Michael David (2010) Assessing the impact of ionising radiation in temperate coastal sand dune ecosystems: measurement and modelling. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

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