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Ali, D.B. and Gracey, J.A. (2001) Anomalous dimension of non-singlet quark currents at O(1/Nf^2) in QCD. Physics Letters B, 518 (1-2). pp. 188-194. ISSN 0370-2693

Ali, D.B. and Gracey, J.A. (2001) Four loop wave function renormalization in the non-abelian Thirring model. Nuclear Physics B, 605 (1-3). pp. 337-364. ISSN 0550-3213

Amaechi, Bennett T. and Higham, Susan M. (2001) Use of quantitative light-induced fluorescence to monitor tooth whitening. SPIE Proceedings, 4249 (6). pp. 157-162. ISSN 1605-7422

Bernard, C.; Datta, S.; DeTar, C.; Gottlieb, S.; Heller, U.M.; Hetrick, J.; McNeile, C.; Orginos, K.; Sugar, R. and Toussaint, D. (2001) f_B for Various Actions : Approaching the Continuum Limit with Dynamical Fermions. Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements, 94 (1-3). pp. 346-349. ISSN 0920-5632

Bernard, Claude; Williams, Peter; Datta, Saumen; Gottlieb, Steven; DeTar, Carleton; Heller, Urs M.; McNeile, Craig; Orginos, Kostas; Sugar, Robert and Toussaint, Doug (2001) Lattice results for the decay constant of heavy-light vector mesons. Physical Review D, 65 . Article Number: 014510. ISSN 1550-2368 (online); 1550-7998 (print)

Bode, Achim; Frezzotti, Roberto; Gehrmann, Bernd; Hasenbusch, Martin; Heitger, Jochen; Jansen, Karl; Kurth, Stefan; Rolf, Juri; Simma, Hubert; Sint, Stefan; Sommer, Rainer; Weisz, Peter; Wittig, Hartmut and Wolff, Ulli (2001) First results on the running coupling in QCD with two massless flavours. Physics Letters B, 515 (1-2). pp. 49-56. ISSN 0370-2693

Booth, S.; Göckeler, M.; Horsley, R.; Irving, A.C.; Joo, B.; Pickles, S.; Pleiter, D.; Rakow, P.E.L.; Schierholz, G.; Sroczynski, Z. and Stüben, H. (2001) Determination of Lambda((MS)over-bar) from quenched and N-f=2 dynamical QCD. Physics Letters B, 519 (3-4). pp. 229-237. ISSN 0370-2693

Frankfurt, L.; Guzey, V.; McDermott, M. and Strikman, M. (2001) Revealing the black-body regime of small-x deep-inelastic scattering through final-state signals. Physical Review Letters, 87 (19). Article Number: 192301. ISSN 1079-7114 (online); 0031-9007 (print)

Frankfurt, L.; McDermott, M. and Strikman, M. (2001) A fresh look at diffractive J/psi photoproduction at HERA, with predictions for THERA. Journal of High Energy Physics (03). Article Number: 045. ISSN 1029-8479

Green, A.M.; Koponen, J.; Pennanen, P. and Michael, C. (2001) The charge and matter radial distributions of heavy-light mesons calculated on a lattice. Physical Review D, 65 . Article Number: 014512. ISSN 1550-2368 (online); 1550-7998 (print)

Hernandez, Pilar; Jansen, Karl; Lellouch, Laurent and Wittig, Hartmut (2001) Non-perturbative renormalization of the quark condensate in Ginsparg-Wilson regularizations. Journal of High Energy Physics (07). Article Number: 018. ISSN 1029-8479

Irving, A.C.; McNeile, C.; Michael, C.; Sharkey, K.J. and Wittig, H. (2001) Is the up-quark massless? Physics Letters B, 518 (3-4). pp. 243-251. ISSN 0370-2693

Irving, Alan C. (2001) Effects of non-perturbatively improved dynamical fermions in UKQCD simulations. Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements, 94 (1-3). pp. 242-245. ISSN 0920-5632

Jack, I. and Jones, D.R.T (2001) Fayet-Iliopoulos D term and its renormalization in the minimal supersymmetric standard model. Physical Review D, 63 . Article Number: 075010. ISSN 1550-2368 (online); 1550-7998 (print)

Jack, I. and Jones, D.R.T (2001) Ultra-violet finite noncommutative theories. Physics Letters B, 514 (3-4). pp. 401-406. ISSN 0370-2693

Jack, I. and Jones, D.R.T (2001) Ultra-violet finiteness in noncommutative supersymmetric theories. New Journal of Physics, 3 . Article Number: 19. 19.1-19.8. ISSN 1367-2630

Jack, I.; Jones, D.R.T and Mohammedi, N. (2001) Ultraviolet properties of noncommutative non-linear sigma-models in two dimensions. Physics Letters B, 520 (3-4). pp. 405-409. ISSN 0370-2693

Jack, I.; Jones, D.R.T and Wild, R. (2001) Gauge singlet renormalisation in softly-broken supersymmetric theories. Physics Letters B, 509 (1-2). pp. 131-137. ISSN 0370-2693

Kuang, Kevin (2001) Optical fibre sensors for process and structural health monitoring of advanced composite materials. Doctoral thesis, University of Liverpool.

Marx, G.; Cobas Meyer, M.; Schuerholz, T.; Vangerow, B.; Simon, T.; Gratz, K.F. and Leuwer, M. (2001) Accuracy of blood volume measurement using an integrated fiberoptic monitoring system in septic shock. Critical Care, 5 (Suppl 1). Article Number: P159. ISSN 1364-8535

McNeile, C. and Michael, C. (2001) Mixing of scalar glueballs and flavour-singlet scalar mesons. Physical Review D, 63 . Article Number: 114503. ISSN 1550-2368 (online); 1550-7998 (print)

McNeile, C.; Michael, C. and Sharkey, K.J. (2001) Flavor singlet mesons in QCD. Physical Review D, 65 . Article Number: 014508. ISSN 1550-2368 (online); 1550-7998 (print)

McNeile, Craig (2001) Do we understand the unquenched value of fB? Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics, 27 (6). pp. 1255-1258. ISSN 1361-6471 (Online); 0954-3899 (Print)

Pickering, A.G.M.; Gracey, J.A. and Jones, D.R.T (2001) Three loop gauge beta-function for the most general single gauge-coupling theory. Physics Letters B, 510 (1-4). pp. 347-354. ISSN 0370-2693

Poustie, Vanessa and Smyth, Rosalind (2001) Systematic reviews leading to qualitative research – how a combination of diverse methodologies can inform the design of future research. BMC Meeting Abstracts : International Cochrane Colloquium, 1 . Article Number: pa019.

Taylor, Gill and Rudland, Philip (2001) VIII International Congress of the Metastasis Research Society. Breast Cancer Research, 3 . pp. 49-54. ISSN 1465-542X (Online); 1465-5411 (print)

Tidd, David M; Giles, Richard V; Broughton, Caroline M and Clark, Richard E (2001) Expression of c-myc is not critical for cell proliferation in established human leukemia lines. BMC Molecular Biology, 2 . Article Number: 13. ISSN 1471-2199

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